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Basic knowledge of Steel

TF Sources Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 19, 2018

1. Definition of carbon steel and five elements in steels 

Iron-carbon alloys with carbon 2% or less are called steels. Five elements in carbon steel refers to the chemical composition of the main components, namely, C, Si, MN, S, P (carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus). Second, in the steelmaking process will inevitably be mixed with gas, including O, H, n (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen). In addition, aluminum-silicon deoxidation sedation process, the inevitable in molten steel containing Al, when the ALS (acid-soluble aluminum) ≥0. 20%, there is also the role of grain refinement

2. How is iron and steel refined? 

The main task of steelmaking is to adjust the content of carbon and alloying elements within the specified range according to the quality requirements of the steel, and to reduce the content of P, S, H, O, N and other impurities to the allowable limit. Steelmaking process is essentially an oxidation process, the burden of excess carbon is oxidized, combustion into CO gas escape, other Si, P, Mn and other oxidation into the slag. The s part enters the slag, and the part generates SO2 discharge. When the composition and temperature of the molten steel meet the requirements of the process, steel can be produced. In order to remove excess oxygen and adjust chemical composition in steel, oxygen absorber and ferroalloy or alloying elements can be added.

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