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Contents of steel Coils

TF Sources Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Steel coil is the steel hot-pressing, cold-pressed molding for the roll shape, in order to facilitate storage and transportation, convenient for various processing, divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils, coil sold mainly for large customers, the general user does not have an open-book equipment or Limited usage. Steel coil, also known as coil steel. The steel is hot pressed and cold pressed into a coiled shape.

In order to facilitate storage and transport, the convenience of various processing (such as processing into steel, steel, etc.). The forming coils are mainly hot rolled coils and cold rolled coils. Hot rolled coils are processed products before the billet recrystallization. Cold rolled coils are the follow-up process of hot rolled coils. The general weight of steel coil is about 15-30t.

This year, China's hot rolling production capacity has been expanding, there are dozens of hot-rolled production lines, there are some projects will be opened or put into operation. Coil sold mainly for large customers, the general user has no open-book equipment or Limited usage. Therefore, the subsequent processing of steel coils will be a promising industry. Of course, the larger steel mills now have their own unwinding and leveling projects.

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