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Raw material prices continue to rise, steel prices turned up

TF Sources Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 19, 2018

First, the price of raw materials continues to rise. Second, the new policy of car transport caused a substantial increase in freight.

After the coal char steel market can continue the rally, there are many uncertainties. The first is the steel market supply increase, inventory growth, the steel industry to go to production capacity is not smooth, coupled with the earlier steel prices rise, profit improvement, steel enterprise recovery faster, according to the CISA data estimates, September mid-year national crude steel Nissan 2.3191 million tons, a quarter-on-month growth of 0.58%.

By the end of mid-September, the key steel-enterprise steel stock of 14.1936 million tons, the month-on-month growth of 3.22%; Second, the government to release the pace of advanced coal production significantly increased, due to market participants in the cold winter shortage of coal worries, replenishment inventory demand is still strong, the government in order to balance supply and demand, curb the speculation phenomenon in the coal market, phased increase control efforts to break through the existing three-level contingency plan, the daily new coal production will exceed 1 million tons , taking into account the lag of policy implementation, the coal price after the drop or cooling; Finally, the transport of the New deal, there is news that Tangshan area temporarily no longer carry out the new deal, lorry load back to the September 21 before the new deal. If the message is true, the restrictions on transportation in other areas may be followed by relaxation.

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