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Steel production process

TF Sources Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Iron ore, coke and coal through a series of reaction in the blast furnace into molten metal, molten iron and scrap steel through the converter processing for molten steel. The molten steel can be processed into slab by continuous casting, and it can be processed into ingot after die casting, and finally machined into slab, initial rolling billet and tube billet in the initial rolling mill. Because the continuous casting avoids the mold casting process, makes the steel composition more evenly, the yield and the quality also greatly increases. In 1999, Baosteel's continuous casting ratio was about 73%.

In the future, the proportion of continuous casting will be increased to 100%. Ingot, Slab, initial rolling billet and tube billet for semi-finished products, in addition to a small portion directly sold to the market, most will be made by the next rolling process finished products.

The slab, the initial rolling billet and the Tube billet are made of hot-rolled products, steel wires and steel bars and pipe materials, and will be made into different grades and applications of hot rolled coil, wire and seamless steel tubes. The hot-rolled sheet is sold as a finished product, and partly as a cold-rolled raw material, after pickling, rolling, annealing, coating and painting, a cold rolled coil with high added value is made, including galvanized sheet coil, hot dip galvanized sheet coil and color-coated sheet coil.

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