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What is a steel plate

TF Sources Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Steel plate is a slab-shaped steel that is poured into molten steel and then pressed and cooled.

is flat, rectangular, can be directly rolled or cut from a wide strip of steel.

Steel plate by thickness, thin steel plate 4 mm (the thinnest 0.2 mm), medium-thick steel plate 4~60 mm, extra thick steel plate 60~115 mm.

Steel plate According to the rolling, divided hot and cold rolling. The width of the sheet is 500~1500 mm, and the thickness is 600~3000 mm. The sheet is divided by steel grade, there are ordinary steel, high-quality steel, alloy steel, spring steel, stainless steel, tool steels, heat-resisting steels, bearing steel, silicon steel and industrial pure iron sheet, etc. according to the professional use, there are oil drums plate, enamel plate, bulletproof plate, etc., according to the surface coating points, galvanized sheet, tin plate, lead sheet, plastic composite plate.

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