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Development Of Welded Steel Pipe

TF Sources Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 19, 2018

"Twelve-Five  "Development outline" clearly proposed that by 2015, the total length of oil and gas pipelines will exceed 150,000 kilometers, which will increase by 90% compared with 2010. The next 4 years in China's oil and gas pipeline is expected to need about 7.008 billion tons of pipe each year, of which X80 steel grade of about 5 million tons, X70 steel grade demand of about 3 million tons; The annual demand of ssaw (spiral submerged arc welded pipe) for oil and gas pipelines in China will exceed Twelve-Five tons during the "5 million " period.

LSAW (straight seam submerged arc welded pipe) annual demand of more than 2 million tons.  "Eleven-Five " period, China's oil and gas pipeline construction continues to develop rapidly, especially with the rapid growth of natural gas demand, natural gas pipelines become the focus of pipeline construction. To the end of the "Eleven-Five ", China to accelerate the deployment of oil and gas pipeline network layout, covering the country's oil and gas backbone pipeline network has been initially completed, the future of China's oil and gas supply security capacity will be further enhanced.

Data show that by the end of 2010, China has built a total length of oil and gas pipelines of about 85,000 km, of which 45,000 km of natural gas pipeline, crude oil pipeline 22,000 km, oil pipeline 18,000 km, formed across the east and south, covering the country, connected to overseas oil and gas pipeline network pattern. China's "" Twelve-Five  "Planning platform" clearly put forward, will be the construction of the Kazakhstan crude oil pipeline two, the Sino-Burmese oil and gas pipeline in the domestic section, Central Asia gas pipeline two, and West gas transmission line, four lines and other main projects, and construction of ancillary feeder and urban pipeline network, by 2015, the total length of oil and gas pipeline

An increase of 90% from 2010, which means that the next 4 years new pipeline will be equivalent to the sum of the past 50 years, the annual compound growth rate of at least 14%, providing opportunities for oil and gas pipeline enterprises. As China continues to increase investment and construction of oil and gas pipelines,  "Twelve-Five " during the oil and gas pipeline with Ssaw annual demand of more than 5 million tons, lsaw annual demand of more than 2 million tons.

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