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The Difference Between Pre-galvanized And Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Pipes

TF Sources Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe: It is an effective metal anti-corrosion method and is mainly used in metal structure facilities of various industries. The rust-removed steel is immersed in a zinc solution melted at about 500 ° C to adhere the zinc layer to the surface of the steel member, thereby preserving the corrosion. Zinc coating is about 275g/m2. Hot-dip galvanizing process: finished pickling-washing-assisting plating-drying-hanging-cooling-pharmaceutical-cleaning-grinding-hot galvanizing finish 1. Hot-dip galvanizing is developed by the older hot-dip method Since 1836, when France applied hot-dip galvanizing to industry, it has been more than one hundred and seventy years old. In the past three decades, with the rapid development of cold rolled strip, the hot dip galvanizing industry has been developed on a large scale.

Pre-galvanized steel pipe: It is made of hot dipped galvanized steel strip directly, zinc coating is 60-80g/m2. It is used for low pressure liquid delivery, such as water, gas and oil etc.

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