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Trench Mesh

TRENCH MESH Standard: AS2780, AS/ANZS 4671:2001, MS 144:2006, MS 144:2014, BS:4483:2005, SS 561:2010 Specificate: Square Fabric, Rectangular Fabric, Small Square Fabric, produced by customized

Product Details

Our advantages:

1.Raw material: HRB400E deformed steel bar (hot rolled, E means Anti-seismic);

2. Tech: we welded is by personal, not all by machine, our shearing resistance is five times than the machine welded;

3. length by customized

4. The waste of raw material is 50% less than machine welded  

5. Price is 20% cheaper than the machine welded

6. We can provide samples if you need.

7. delivery time is 7-15 working days

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